About us

Today MES Laos has  6 members: a director, a Full Day Guitar Education Instructor,   two Evening Guitar & Ukulele  Education Instructors ,   an administrator and a cleaning lady.



  Hello, I’m Vansay Somboun “Max”, the director of Music for Everyone School “MES Laos”. I came from a small family in a small village about seven kilometers far from the city.  I came to live in town for work and studies and I have been living in here since 2007.

Before started MES, I’d been working as an English teacher and a teacher supervisor at http://mec-laos.org/. One day I met a friend who offered me such an opportunity to start MES.

My passion is to help others as much as I can, and do something that I love and the answer is MUSIC. I’m so glad to see MES getting  better every day. Happy to meet and work with many visitors and volunteers visiting and volunteering at MES. Happy to see how people enjoy, have fun coming and playing music. Happy that I can share my work with other many local people in Luang Prabang town. 

Music brings people together and music is equal to everyone. Last but not least, very Special thanks to all  those who have supported MES so far!!!


Full Day Education Instructor

My name is Bounmee. I’m from a small village eight kilometers on motorbike. I’m graduated from technical college as an engineer. However, I’ve fell in love with music and in my free time I entertain myself by playing guitar and singing. I could already play some Lao song before I got to know MES, but after taking some lesson at MES I’ve learnt more important basic techniques.  I’ve become MES staff members since 2013, but had to stopped my duty for about a year due to my health issue problem. I’m so glad to be back to continue what I love. I now help the students how to play several instruments that we have at MES.


Evening Education Instructor

Sabaidee.My name is Mr. Phonekeo Simyadeth and I’m from  Paknga village, Phonexai dristrict, Luang Prabang province. Now, I’m studying at Teaching Training College in LPb. I’m very happy to be a part of Music for Everyone School and I’m enjoying my job. I help students learn how to play basic ukulele and I also practice drum and that’s because I’ll also help free levels students how to play basic drums.


Evening Education Instructor

My name is Mr. La Soudaphone.I’m a student in the last year at high school. I love music so much and playing the guitar is my favourite hobby. MES is a wonderful place where I got my first guitar lesson started. After completing my last level, I learnt to play bass guitar and joined MES band. Today, I’m so proud to become MES staff member and help other people.  I’m helping students how to play the guitar and ukulele. In the future, I want to become a musician.



Hello, I am Saimany Phetvongxai and I am from a province in the north of Laos. I came to study in Luang Prabang town, I graduated from a college majoring in Business Administration. I’ve become a part of MES since August 2013. I start my work all day at MES and my roll is an administrator.

13262365_2035110306714332_1457841573_oCleaning Lady

My name is Toun and I am from a small village in Paklay district. It’s about eight hours by car down south  Luang Prabang and Sayaboury province. I just finished high school and came to Luang Prang to search for a part time job to make some money to go to university. I love music very much, and I wanted to study it when I was at high school, but there’s no school there. I’m so excited when I arrived in Luang Prabang and realized there’s a music school. I spend my evening and for extra English classes and practice music. Hopefully, in the future I’ll be able to help other students.


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